April 28, 2011

Crochet iPad Case

This pink and white striped iPad case was made for my Sister D. It was worked round by round, ending each colour and sewing in the tails as I went along.
The pattern for this style of iPad case is as follows.
4mm crochet hook. (I wrote down a 5mm hook when I started, but I was using a 4mm hook throughout, so I'm fairly certain that I started with a 4mm hook too.)
Row 1: Ch 40. HDC in 2nd ch from hook. HDC in each ch to second last ch. 3 HDC in last ch.
Working on opposite side of ch, HDC to second last ch, 2 HDC in last ch and join with sl st.
Row 2: Working in back loops only, ch 1, HDC in each st around. Join with sl st.
Row 3: Ch 1, HDC in each st around. Join with sl st.
Continue row 3 another 28 times for a total of 31 rows.
Changing colours wherever you want for stripes, or whichever pattern you like. This is incredibly simple to make, and fast!

To make the latch, I counted 15 stitches from the side, joined wool and did 10 HDC.* Ch 1 and turn, HDC in each st across.* Repeated * to * for 10 more rows (total 11 rows) Ch 1, turn and single crochet in next 5 st, ch 15, sc into next st, sc to end of row. Attach button for the loop. 
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Very cute. I'm having a go at making this at the moment. Only difference with mine is that the opening will be at the top instead of the side.

  2. Thanks. They are so easy to make aren't they?!